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CSSCA and Huawei Work Together to Create New Value in the Industry

On November 20, 2020, CSSCA, an outstanding partner of Huawei's global government, was invited to participate in the '2020 Huawei EBG Government Partner Forum' held in Huawei's Dongguan Songshan Lake Park. The target group of this forum is Huawei's Top cooperation in the global government field. The forum released Huawei's government industry-standard technical framework for partners, introduced the latest cooperation strategies, and discussed the future action plan based on industry solution capability building.

Why can CSSCA be Huawei's Outstanding Global Government Partner?

CSSCA rely on its strength to carry out in-depth cooperation in three of Huawei's seven strategic areas.

The seven strategic areas of Huawei include intelligent government affairs, integrated command, smart customs, smart taxation, competent traffic police, innovative education, and thoughtful medical care. CSSCA is an essential partner of Huawei's government-industry solutions. It sincerely cooperation with Huawei in the following three areas: intelligent government affairs, smart customs, and smart taxation. According to the core technologies and core products in these three significant fields, CSSCA has won the Huawei 'Global Government Outstanding Partner' award and the development fund and marketing fund support solutions.

As a provider of Huawei's tax, customs and government affairs solutions, CSSCA works with Huawei in global market promotion, product and solution development, and project delivery. In 2020, the company successively passed Huawei & CSSCA's core tax collection and management system and Interoperability testing of joint control system solutions, website and webpage archiving solutions, electronic document solutions, and electronic police solutions, and community correction solutions.

In the Huawei Kunpeng Ecology, CSSCA  has obtained the Kunpeng certification for tax solutions, innovative customs solutions, electronic document security management systems, website and webpage archiving solutions, and community correction systems. Among them, the electronic document and website webpage archiving solutions have passed the HUAWEI CLOUD strict selection certification and are available for sale in the HUAWEI CLOUD strict selection mall.

Good products and solutions are the foundation of cooperation. In the future, CSSCA will continue to specialize in business and strive to become a professional customer in subdivided market segments. Relying on our excellent products and solutions, we will cooperate with Huawei. Further, we carry out multi-level and wide-ranging pragmatic cooperation, improving our self-developed products' maturity and competitive advantage and joint solutions through Huawei's strict quality management system and technical requirements. On the road of independent innovation and win-win cooperation, CSSCA always adheres to the belief of 'returning tenacity through hard work and ten thousand defeats' and firmly moves forward hand in hand with Huawei to create new value in the industry.

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