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CSSCA Successfully Signed Another ‘Belt and Road’ National Fiscal and Taxation System Program

The international business team of CSSCA successfully signed the construction project of the finance and taxation integration system of the Ministry of Finance of a country along the 'Belt and Road'. The construction of this project marks the structure of the tax information system provided by CSSCA for the sixth 'Belt and Road' countries has entered the substantive deployment stage. It also marks that the number of countries where CSSCA provides overseas informatization services has reached 11.

The successful signing of the project is inseparable from the teamwork of all departments in CSSCA, which is not afraid of hardships, unity and cooperation, perseverance, and coordinated operations. 

The signing of the project is only the first step toward success. There is still a long way to go for the successful delivery in the later stage and the sustainable project operation in the local area. However, the fearless spirit of all members of CSSCA in the face of difficulties will prevail in the future. All the hardships will surely bring good news.

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