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CSSCA was Selected as ‘Xinhua News Agency National Brand Project’

On February 25, the signing ceremony of CSSCA being selected as the 'Xinhua News Agency National Brand Project' was held in Beijing. A member of the Xinhua News Agency's Party Leadership Group and Secretary-General, and the heads of Xinhua's subordinate service agencies attended the signing ceremony. Xinhua News Agency's subordinate service agencies will focus on brand building and enterprise development and cooperate comprehensively with CSSCA to help its brand building and high-quality development.

Honghe Zhang, head of the national brand of Xinhua News Agency, said that CSSCA. is the third batch of 'little giant' enterprises announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. After being selected for the Xinhua News Agency's National Brand Project, CSSCA will surely add a solid touch to the National Brand Project's contribution to developing the national digital economy. Xinhua News Agency's National Brand Project will deeply integrate Xinhua News Agency's media resources. It includes setting up a special team, allocating professional forces, and Xinhua News Agency's National Brand Project through the research of Think Tank, the creative plan, and brand communication both at home and abroad to provide all-round services for CSSCA to help CSSCA, the cause of Information technology application innovation industry and business development in the 'Belt and Road' field.

Junfeng Qin, the chairman and president of CSSCA said that CSSCA is a national high-tech enterprise. It provides energy-saving and consumption reduce digital solutions, as well as core product software research and development services for the firms in the field of high energy consumption, high pollution and lean manufacturing. Meanwhile, based on the requirements of 'Peak carbon dioxide emissions and Carbon neutrality' to help industrial enterprises achieve digital transformation. CSSCA was selected for the National Brand Project by Xinhua News Agency. It will live up to expectations and forge ahead to strive to become a national brand in industrial Internet core software and hardware technology research and development.

According to the agreement, the two parties will cooperate in high-end think tanks, creative planning, significant events, and global brand promotion. At the same time, based on the joint creation of ‘Xinhua Cloud Internet Archives’ by Xinhua net and CSSCA. They will also cooperate in copyright, capital market, and other fields. China Economic Information Service will use overseas resources such as Xinhua Silk Road to promote CSSCA's overseas tax system, electronic file management system and other businesses. China Image Group will fully cooperate with CSSCA. in image information processing and other aspects.

About 'Xinhua News Agency National Brand Project'

'Xinhua News Agency's National Brand Project' is a comprehensive service system that responds to the strategy of strengthening the country by brand. It aims to 'serve the development of national enterprises and help build Chinese brands'. The project has always insisted on focusing on the centre, serving the overall situation, giving priority to social benefits, and relying on the rich media resources, powerful communication channels and high-end think tanks of Xinhua News Agency. It has served several world's top 500, China's top 500, industry leaders and excellent regional brands.


Beijing CSSCA Technologies Co., Ltd. has 20 years of experience in the research and development of the software industry, and it is the third batch of 'little giant' enterprises announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is at the forefront of the industry in government data asset management, digital transformation of industrial enterprises and core system research and development, and core technology development of millimetre-wave near-field detection.

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