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Xinhua Cloud Internet Archive, the first website and new media archiving platform in China jointly built by Xinhua net (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and CSSCA has been officially launched.

As the 'Xinhua Cloud Ecological Partner' of Xinhua Net (Beijing), CSSCA will provide users with consulting, sales, delivery, operation and maintenance services for 'Xinhua Cloud Internet Archives' products.

Product introduction

Xinhua Cloud Internet Archives is oriented to government websites and new media. It collects, archives, manages and utilizes webpages, realizes centralized storage, unified management and application of website webpages that meet national standards to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation and utilization of website webpages.

Xinhua Cloud Internet Archives can meet the needs of administrative organs at all levels, enterprises, and institutions for archiving new media such as their websites, Weibo, and WeChat public accounts. Meanwhile, it could form electronic files that meet national standards and archive industry standards while preserving original content such as text, graphics, images, and link logic in archived web pages for users to query and utilize.

As a virtual cloud computing platform of Xinhua net, Xinhua Cloud has passed the 'Cloud Computing Service Security Assessment' led by the National Cyberspace Administration of China, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Finance. Archiving government web pages on Xinhua Cloud ensures the security of public government data resources.

CSSCA is a leading manufacturer in the webpage and new media archiving. Meanwhile, it participates in formulating relevant national standards in this field. It has industry-leading technical advantages and practical experience. Therefore, it can ensure that government affairs webpages are archived on-demand following national standards. Through the deep integration of platforms and technologies, Xinhua Net and CSSCA will profoundly impact the Chinese Internet and new media communication. The construction of the Internet and recent media archives and the digital transformation and development of the Internet and new media help China's digital reform cause a new milestone!

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