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Taxation Administration Sys.

Since 2008, the world economic development has entered into a new cycle of depression. The governments around the world are suffering from increasing unemployment, shrinking revenue collection, and growing budget deficit. The critical challenges for most developing countries lay on revenue collection due to tax evasion, delinquent taxpayers, and untaxable new businesses like cross-border e-commerce and social network businesses. All these challenges might cost the developing countries 30% revenue collection per annum, according to surveys and analysis conducted by taxation consulting firms. 


Integrated Taxation Administration System covers the best practices for functional areas and modules required by tax authorities around the world. The solution and corresponding consulting services provide perfect integrated tax solution for countries which currently have only fragmented systems and thus meet with serious tax evasion issues due to the lack of centralized taxpayer data warehouse.


Modularized designing principles simplify the system restructuring

Workflow and SOA ensure excellent system extensibility and adaptability

Powerful IDE enables trouble-free customization and maintenance

High Reliability, Security and Performance

Operating System, Database and Infrastructure Independence

Advanced IT Technologies (Cloud Computing, HTML5…)

Friendly user interface makes it easy to use

Taxation Administration System


Payment Management: standardize and digitize the way of payment.

Payment Management is designed to process and refund payments made by taxpayers. Taxpayers can pay in the tax office/bank with cash or cards, and  pay online via bank transfer and other instruments to fulfil tax liability.

Taxpayer Management: manage taxpayer   from multidimensional perspective.

Taxpayer Management module covers all best practices used to create and maintain the centralized taxpayer information for registered natural and legal person taxpayers.

Assessment Management: automate the operation and calculation of assessment tasks.

Assessment Management module focuses on returns processing and issue resolution, and fully utilizes the automatic assessment engine to not only relieve the workload of assessment officers but also ensure the data accuracy of return assessment.


Tax Evasion and Audit Management: Risk evaluation and audit processing.

Tax Evasion and Audit Management optimizes the whole process from selecting taxpayers for audit based on their risk profile, creating audit cases, executing audit, reviewing audit results, to the final archive of corresponding audit case files. 


ITAS is an integrated tax solution for national revenue authorities. It contributes to both economic benefits and social benefits enormously.

Taxation Administration System

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