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New Challenges for Customs Administration

Customs administrations are faced with increasing volumes of international trade, new business models, fraud and increasing security threats. At the same time, customs heavily relies on a rich portfolio of data sources owing to mix of demands of trade, regulation and legal requirements, national and regional requirements, social security and risk management requirements, as well as demands of pure technical nature.

The role of customs around the world has been changing from a primary focus on revenue collection and import taxes aimed at protection of economic interests and society, then shifting to trade facilitation and reduction of administrative burden, towards a significantly increased role today in safety and security.

The increasing connectivity of countries caused by globalization makes the customs business more open and collaborative.


Overall Solution of Smart Customs

New Challenges for Customs Administration


Customs logistics supervision solution

New Challenges for Customs Administration

Smart Gate System

Constructed with high-tech methods like digital technology, IoT, Business Intelligence and etc., the customs’ smart gate system is designed as an intelligent customs smart gate management platform with multiple technology and functions equipped, targeted to automatically identify and manage passing vehicles at customs supervision sites, as well as build a standardized business management process in monitoring sites.

New Challenges for Customs Administration


  1. To achieve paperless vehicle passing, avoid manual inspection and release, and improve vehicle passing efficiency;

  2. Vehicles passing the gate automatically checked online, Boom barriers automatically released, to reducing hours to pass gate;

  3. Save logistics costs and facilitate efficient operation of logistics at customs monitoring sites;

  4. To improve the stability and ease of maintenance of the iGate system and reduce system maintenance costs;

  5. To create real-time operation status detection of systems and equipment and fault pre-judgment alarm to improve the timeliness of operation and maintenance response;

  6. Lower maintenance cost

  7. To realizing data exchange with the customs supervision system, synchronize vehicle passing card records, to bridging information gap between systems.


Electronic Cargo Tracking System

Over 16 million maritime containers are in transit throughout the world on any given day - at sea, on rail, over the road, or waiting on stuffing, pick-up, delivery and stripping. A misplaced container results in financial and operational risk and any delay in delivery only leads to increased transaction costs, production disruptions, missed sales opportunity and higher costs of selling goods.

The cargo monitoring solution, in general, has to facilitate the flow of accurate and timely information across supply chain partners and government agencies. The monitoring solution strategy includes but is not limited to :

•   Optimization container logistics processes

•   Improvement supply chain efficiency and reduce costs

•   Achievement of more efficient and individual container traceability

•   Deterioration theft, diversion and counterfeiting

•   Receiving notifications when an exception occurs in any given process

•   Integration the RFID/GPS technology into existing business processes

The most important task is to ensure end-to-end supply chain security. Entire process begins at the packaging and consolidation centres, follows en route trucking and delivery to the port, storage and staging at the port and yard, optional ship deck monitoring, through drayage, and finishes with de-consolidation and unpacking at the shippers or end users warehouse.

Although goods transport systems have been improved in recent decades, however not all of them are sufficiently integrated to meet today’s requirements in terms of quality and safety. It is mainly due to the lack of well-structured and organized intermodal transport chains. Information technology (IT), incorporating communications technology, could become a primary tool in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of freight transport systems .

Based on the above requirements, we provide a set of electronic lock solution, based on RFID, GPS and GPRS technology, the whole process of customs clearance and transportation for the overall monitoring and management.

New Challenges for Customs Administration

Construction of the electronic lock and GPS whole regulatory mode in land transport and transit, give full play to the advantages of science and technology, vehicles and cargo transit supervision, and cargo process monitoring, real-time alarm, security overland transit of goods and regulatory safety of the vehicle, at the same time improve logistics efficiency, simplification of customs business process.

Construction supervision field area checkpoint automatic vehicle inspection and clearance system, through the electronic license plate checkpoint recognition equipment and electronic lock linkage system, to achieve electronic data automatic matching, intelligent processing in the regulatory field area checkpoint, to simplify the procedures of manual processing, the channel and the checkpoint  realize unattended operation automatic control network for the implementation of automatic entry and exit of goods rapid clearance.

Construction of electronic lock monitoring and management information platform,  pre-acquisition and pre-processing the regulation of vehicle business information, and regulatory fields area automatic inspection and clearance system interoperability, and achieve supervision of vehicles and goods business information and electronic lock on way supervision of logistics information combination, to provide more comprehensive and strict monitoring measures for the supervision department of the customs.

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