Working Together for Global Development and Shared Future
Core business and services
Core business
  • Government
  • E-Revenue
  • Public Security
  • Customs
  • E-Commerce
  • Security and Protection
  • Transportation
  • Finance
  • 1.Consulting


    >System design

    >Professional service

    > IT infrastructure equipment

    > System upgrade and migration

    > IT service management

  • 2.Solution

    >E-revenue product development

    >Customs solution

    >E-government solution

    > Security solution

  • 3.Project implementation

    >Implementation service

    >Maintenance service

    >Technical service

    > Mature team

    > International influence

    > Successful experience

  • 4.Training service

    >Customer training

    >Training project

    >Foreign aid training

    > Technical training

  • Consultation planning
    Solution overall
    Construct IT infrastructure solution and support integrated management system
    IT infrastructure
    According to customized solution features, improve technical service
    Secure system
    design service
    Maximize value of IT system design according to trend and industry needs
    System upgrade
    and migration
    Design according to needs of customers
    IT consulting
    Help plan and realize value of software
    Specialist service
    Provide specialist service for customers
    Services - project implementation
  • Rich experience
    .As an international technology leader, CSSCA has successfully delivered more than 30 large-scale IT projects for its customers to modernize existing systems or design new solutions. Since its establishment, CSSCA has been committed to research and development of enterprise-level application.
  • Technical Expertise
    Through continuous innovative research and development, CSSCA has made many creative achievements in cloud computing, big data storage and processing, mobile Internet, and other fields. At the same time, CSSCA has accumulated rich experience in e-government, smart cities, e-commerce and other fields.
  • Professional Team
    At present, CSSCA is equipped with experts in consulting and planning, software development, project implementation and training services in various industries, and has excellent enterprise-level capabilities in IT integration applications and services.
  • International Influence
    The company is headquartered in Beijing, with branches and local partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and its business covers more than 70 countries and regions. It makes CSSCA a global trusted partner in the IT field, and creates greater value for customers through continuous efforts and progress in each existing area.
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