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Training Service
Training business is one of CSSCA services to provide consulting. We aim to transfer knowledge, skills, working methods, working attitude and work values to customers, which can realize maximum potential and enhance personal capabilities. Up to now, our training center has provided services for nearly 10,000 people from 137 countries. Government and corporate customers have provided professional technology and skills training services.
Implement projects for customers
CSSCA always ensures that customers are able to transfer knowledge and expertise in a timely and accurate manner, which enable customers to be more capable of mastering CSSCA systems and solutions.
Training Projects
CSSCA also held a number of training programs, such as technical training, management training, information security training, software engineering system training, information management series training, etc.
Foreign aid training program
CSSCA trains international business officials from developing countries on ICT and informatization, including hundreds of officials from all over the world.

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