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Smart Customs Solution

The role of customs around the world has been changing from a primary focus on revenue collection and import taxes aimed at protection of economic interests and society, then shifting to trade facilitation and reduction of administrative burden, towards a significantly increased role today in safety and security.

The increasing connectivity of countries caused by globalization makes the customs business more open and collaborative.

One-stop solution

Smart Customs Solution

Smart iGate

As the gateway to the customs supervision, the smart inspection control system plays a vital role in the cargo circulation and customs supervision. It is also a necessary for the Customs to automatically identify and manage the goods entering and leaving the supervision area and conduct inspection or release according to the customs rules. 

Smart iGate Architecture 

Smart Customs Solution

Igate Hardware

Smart Customs Solution

Cargo Tracking

Cargo tracking involves cargo lock, which is mainly based on RFID and GPS technology. When the transport vehicle with electronic lock is installed through the customs-supervised container passage, the system can accurately locate the electronic lock position through RFID technology, and then electronically lock the electronic lock to lock the electronic lock or the electronic lock to ensure the goods in transit. A secure monitoring system. And through precise positioning, it can ensure that the electronic lock and the container installed by it automatically form a one-to-one correspondence. 

Cargo Tracking Software Interface 

Smart Customs Solution

Cargo Tracking Hardware - Intelligent Lock 

Smart Customs Solution

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