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On the afternoon of November 16, 2021, Haiping Pan, Deputy General Manager of the General Manager Office of Xinhua News Agency, and his party of 11 people came to our company to deepen cooperation and expand cooperation areas to in-depth communication with the management of CSSCA. 

At the meeting, Mr. Chuan Wang and Dr. Qianyue Zhang, reported the company's core business and products in detail. Then, Mr. Junfeng Qin presented the project progress on 'Internet and New Media Archives Digital Archives'.

The 'Internet and New Media Archiving Digital Archives' project is jointly constructed by Xinhua net and Beijing CSSCA Technologies Co., Ltd. It is Chinese first large-scale international digital archives based on Internet content and new media data services, covering all industries and categories. It is expected that the types of media customers it will have within five years will exceed the '100 million level', and it is entirely possible to surpass the US 'Internet Archive' in the future and become the world's first media archive database centre.

The platform will profoundly impact the Chinese Internet and new media communication, the construction of the Internet and recent media archives, and the digital transformation and development of the Internet and new media, bringing substantial economic and social benefits to the world.

Mr. Haiping Pan, deputy general manager of the General Manager Office of Xinhua News Agency, fully affirmed the capabilities of product development and technological innovation to CSSCA. Meanwhile, he said that he would strengthen the all-around and in-depth cooperation with CSSCA. to help the cause of Information technology application innovation industries and the development of the international 'Belt and Road. Also work with CSSCA, provide more high-quality services to our customers.

Chaohui Zhu, General Manager of Xinhua News Agency Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Mingwei Xu, Assistant to President of Xinhua Net/General Manager of Production and Economic Center. Xianguo Zhang, President of China Fortune. Liangliang Gong, Director of Xinhua News Agency's National Brand Engineering Office. Jian Feng, Deputy General Manager of China Economic Information Service Technology Centre and other leaders, delivered speeches at the meeting and put forward high-level opinions and suggestions on further in-depth cooperation between the two parties.

Junfeng Qin, chairman of CSSCA concluded: 'As a Chinese enterprise, we firmly hold the core technology in our own hands. In contrast, we are helping Chinese enterprises with digital transformation and upgrading. We look to the world and use the excellent products and high-quality services of Chinese enterprises to promote the digital transformation of enterprises or government services in developing countries. Especially the countries along the 'Belt and Road', it is a great responsibility for enterprises and is significant.'

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