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Grand Release | Xinhua Net and CSSCA Jointly Released the First Internet Archiving Platform

On December 22, 2021, the product launch of 'Xinhua Cloud Internet Archive' was successfully held in Atour S Hotel, Dongzhimen, Beijing, which means that the first domestic website and new media archiving platform - Xinhua Cloud Internet Archive, was officially launched.

The theme of this conference is – 'Archiving network information resources and preserving social and digital memory'. 

Xinhua Cloud Internet Archive is a platform for domestic web pages and new media archives jointly created by Xinhua Net (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and CSSCA. The platform is the Chinese first Internet archiving platform and incorporates brand-new Internet technology and architecture.

The construction of the 'Xinhua Cloud Internet Archives project will have a profound impact on the Chinese Internet and new media communication, the structure of the Internet and recent media archives, and the digital transformation and development of the Internet and new media. It also could bring enormous economic and social benefits. It is believed that with the full cooperation of both parties and the strong support of all sectors of society, the 'Xinhua Cloud Internet Archives' project will add an exquisite touch to the road of building a digital China!

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