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Millimeter Wave Chip

Nanjing CSSCA is committed to product of 60GHz / 77GHz / 94GHz / 120GHz up to 350GHz and 700GHz band ultra-wideband wireless communication circuit SoC chips, using silicon germanium carbon ternary alloy SiGeC 0.13um BiCMOS superb process technology, has made substantial progress in the research and development in millimeter wave chip and module, forming millimeter wave series chip and module products.


  • Series products support Ka / V band

  • 3.3V single power supply

  • Full-ESD protection device

  • 380mW low power consumption

  • Integrated low phase noise Push-Push VCO

  • Homodyne orthogonal mixing receive

  • RX and TX dipole antenna

  • High bandwidth up to 7GHz

  • QFN32 lead-free plastic package, the size is 5 × 5mm

  • Lead-free, the package meets RoHS requirements

Application circuit

Inner structure drawing



This product is small, low power consumption and high resolution (up to 3cm). It can be widely used in automotive radar, unmanned aerial vehicle, intelligent detector, liquid level sensing, material internal defect detection and other fields.


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