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Founded in 2001, Beijing CSSCA Technologies Co., Ltd. (abbr. CSSCA) has been dedicated to software research and development, industrial solutions designing ,development and implementation , comprehensive system integration, technology consulting services and IT training.

Company Profile

The mission of CSSCA is to combine a unique expertise in business and technology innovations, bringing together our capabilities in consulting and planning, software development, project implementation, and training services, to maximize performance and support enterprise-wide digitization transformations for governmental and industrial customers.

Company Profile

Ever since its foundation, CSSCA has been dedicated to provide most innovative solutions with unique expertise and deep understanding of local environment. To successfully compete with major players, we, following our vision, established our international business in 2007. Now, CSSCA has representative offices in more than 5 countries and regions. Our professional staff had delivered more than 100 strategic national level projects and established partnerships with local companies. 

Such partnership enables us to offer highly customized and domestically adopted solutions and services, as well as help local partners acquire new technologies and learn international best practices in the most critical areas of their business. 

The strategic development of CSSCA includes further geographical expansion to the new regions, promoting our state-of-the-art technologies and unique expertise. 

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