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Jiangbei new area is committed to building a hundred billion level integrated circuit industrial c

Nanjing Software Park, located in the core area of Jiangbei new area, is one of the first batch of national software parks in China. Last year, the revenue of software and information service industry reached 85.5 billion yuan, with nearly 3000 registered enterprises and 100000 employees. It is the driving force of Nanjing software industry core.
       Focusing on the opportunity of Jiangbei new area to build a hundred billion level industrial cluster of integrated circuits and build China's 'chip city', Nanjing Software Park comprehensively focuses on three industrial clusters of integrated circuits, software and information services, and cultural and creative industries, and speeds up the construction of innovative industrial pattern with international influence. Chip design has become the top priority of development, and has gathered several national chip design ten Strong enterprises. A modern high-end park is accelerating its rise with the combination of industry and city.
       As the first batch of national software parks, Nanjing Software Park has incubated a large number of well-known high-quality software enterprises and is an important innovation birthplace of provincial capital cities. In the early stage, the park focused on efficiency, only production and work, and then added supporting functions. Later, the park began to focus on the balance, opening and integration of the industrial chain system, and gradually realized the convenience, vitality and atmosphere of people-oriented Park, which are very important for the development of the Park. At present, the park attaches great importance to the integration of industry and city, the integration of industry and people, and the promotion of industry by city.
Aiming at the construction of an international urban comprehensive community integrating business office, scientific and technological research and development, entertainment and leisure, life supporting and other functions, the software park invites the seventh largest Design Institute in the world - Singapore Association Expo architectural affairs to tailor the planning scheme.

In terms of transportation, the comprehensive passenger transport hub of Nanjing North railway station has been planned publicly. There are 8 channels connecting the main city, Metro Line 3 and line S8 running through the park. At the same time, the park combines landscape design to create a pleasant and friendly pedestrian network system. In terms of urban image, the park establishes a new image of the urban interface, from the perspective of landscape, color, greening, street landscape, lighting and other three-dimensional aspects To create a new urban image of a unique central area; in terms of functions, the park optimizes the functional layout, introduces urban functions, and improves the service facilities of the central area in combination with the dynamic hybrid concept. The regulatory detailed planning has been revised in 2017, adding commercial, commercial, hospital and educational land to the land allocation, which will be introduced into the top three hospitals and well-known schools; at present,             Chuangyuan Conference Center, long Business and commercial supporting facilities such as Hutian street and Xingyue city are under construction.
This year, Nanjing Software Park focuses on building plot G03 of Jiangbei new area at the Metro entrance of Dongda Chengxian college. This plot will be built into a high-end commercial body with comprehensive fashion shopping and business leisure. The park is negotiating to introduce internationally famous five-star hotels. It is expected to be completed within two years and open within one year after completion.
       Unmanned supermarket, 24-hour Rosen convenience store, urban commercial complex, talent apartment, cinema; sense of community, comfort, urban context and texture With the continuous enrichment of these humanistic colors, the park is changing the tidal commuting mode. Nowadays, the supply of talent apartments is in short supply, and many buildings and one room in the park are hard to find. The buyers are mainly young people in the park. They are not only willing to put their career in the park, but also willing to give their life and future to the park.
Just this year, the park decided to build a high standard Urban Central Park in the central area of the beautiful landscape plot covering 110000 square meters, and provide comfortable leisure facilities for people in the park with a large area of greening and waterscape.
       It can be seen that in the new round of planning and construction, the park is not to be repaired to increase functional support, but to fundamentally redefine the park and promote the improvement in an all-round way with the standard of international urban comprehensive community.

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